Anushka Sharma Boxing Wrestler in Sultan

Anushka Sharma Boxing

The way heroines are perceived in south is quite different when compared to Bollywood. The starlets of south are expected to have that grace, demure beauty, tenderness and the right emotional quotient to entertain the audience. But that’s not the case with Bollywood.

Heroines there can attempt anything bold and rough in terms of their roles. This is because the market potential is huge and there is always room for such attempts. So far, we have seen some heroines like Ritika Singh, Priyanka Chopra doing roles as boxers on screen.

Anushka Sharma Boxing

Anushka Sharma Boxing

Now, the time has come for a wrestling beauty. The long legged beauty Anushka Sharma is going to be seen in the film Sultan and interesting news is that she would also be seen as a wrestler. For this, she has taken professional training for six weeks. This is going to be interesting.

Now there is more priority for the heroine roles in movies. In particular period of time there is only for glamor and expose importance. But now heroines are showing up with different scripts with different type of strategies. Even Anushka Sharma also getting trained for this by keeping her body fit in the gym. Her hardwork and dedication gives her special place with the movie Sultan.

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Anushka Sharma Boxing
Anushka Sharma is getting ready with her new movie Sultan as boxer. She is working hard and showing more dedication towards that movie to prove herself again.