Announcing Film With Prison Star Sanjay Dutt In Feb

Prison Star Sanjay Dutt

Prison Star Sanjay Dutt

Prison Star Sanjay Dutt getting release from the prison. By prison star we don’t mean a new title given to a star. It is about the deadly Sanjay Dutt, the Bollywood actor who is currently in the Yerawada jail serving his sentence related to the Mumbai bomb blasts which happened in the year 1993.

Sanju Baba as he is fondly called is all set to be released from Prison on February 27th this year and already filmmakers are lining up to work with him. First in the list seems to be the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma.

Prison Star Sanjay Dutt There are reports that RGV might announce a project with Sanjay soon and it could deal with his life in the prison. Already, a biopic is being made on the life of Sanjay so let us wait for the announcement then.

Ram Gopal Varma always used to take the real stories as reel stories. In Tollywood he is one of the most generous director who work on the real life stories. Now his current project is Vangaveeti which is based on the real life of Vangaveeti Mohanaranga.

Before this movie going onto the sets Ram Gopal Varma is going to shift to Mumbai for few months and staying in the expensive hotel before his home getting ready there. May be the shifting process is for sake of Sanjay Dutt to plan a movie.

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