Adivi Sesh Makes Way To Bollywood?

Adivi Sesh

For any actor or actress who belongs to the regional industry, the biggest dream would be to enter the Bollywood industry and prove his/her mettle. But though many decades have passed only a very few actually made it to Mumbai but that too for a short span.

However, there are those individuals who have that mettle in them to make it big and one name is now coming in Tollywood. It is that of the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh and news is that he has set his eyes on Bollywood. Reports say even he got some feelers.

Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh

From the time he came, Adivi Sesh has been doing out of the box roles and films. He will soon be seen in the film ‘Kshanam’ and there are reports that he is in touch with few Bollywood entities. If all goes well then very soon we will hear some news about his Bollywood debut.

Although he have the good body there are no opportunities for him in Tollywood. Rarely the opportunities are getting for him. So he just want to move onto Bollywood. His physical appearance will exactly meet up to the Bollywood style. So hope he will get more success there.

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Adivi Sesh to Bollywood
Now the young hero Adivi Sesh is planning to move Bollywood as his physical appearance is exactly match to their preference. Let's see how many opportunities he will get.