Aamir Khan Lost Rs 50 Cr With One Talk

Aamir Khan Lost Rs 50 Cr

The position of a celebrity is highly respected and admired by the people of India but if the celebrity does or says anything untoward it creates a lot of repercussions. This is something Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, is seeing right now.

Two months ago, he came into a tight spot after his statements on ‘Intolerance’ and that led to a major uproar. The situation became more intense after Aamir got back to media and stated he still stands by what he says. But his stubborn stand is now showing him the results.

Aamir Khan Lost Rs 50 Cr

Aamir Khan Lost Rs 50 Cr

According to reports, Aamir Khan has lost 50 Cr assignments because he didn’t conclude his sentence on the right note and came up with a wrong connotation. Despite that, those who know Aamir closely feel he would not really get affected by this huge loss.

This is really a worst situation that Aamir Khan never faced. In just show he expressed his views onto the public to make them know what is happening actually. But this created a negative impact on him. He said that his wife want to leave India with family because of the Intolerance in India. This statement become controversy and lost his career too.

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Aamir Khan Lost Rs 50 Cr
Aamir Khan lost his career with the statement of Intolerance 2 months ago and also there is no conclusion about that to the public.