Music Director AR Rahman’s Price For Telugu Film?

AR Rahman's Price For Telugu Film?

AR Rahman’s Price For Telugu Film?

AR Rahman Getting hold of a good music director for a movie is not that easy especially if that person is from another industry. There are those times in Tollywood when some filmmakers have chosen music composers from Bollywood and Kollywood. Any Body Know AR Rahman’s Price For Telugu Film?

In that aspect, the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman is also a very coolproperty. So, in order to have Rahman on board for a Telugu movie, you have to shell out a whopping 4.5 crores as his remuneration. Yes, Rahman reportedly charges so much for doing a Telugu film.

Interestingly, sources from Chennai reveal when he does a Tamil film he doesn’t charge so much and also leaves some window for negotiation. But that is not the case when he steps into Tollywood. While it is not sure why this approach is there for Rahman, his budget is surely a big no for our folks.

AR Rahman is an Indian composer, singer and songwriter. He Receives 125 awards for the Best Music Director and best background score. AR Rahman hits in all languages. Rahman’s film career began in 1992. he was approached by director Mani Ratnam to compose the score and soundtrack for his Tamil film, Roja.