Only 3 Forward Castes In AP?

3 Forward Castes In AP

Though we speak a lot about secularism and common harmony, the ugly truth is that the caste system runs deep in our society. This has been infused strongly by a set of politicians with vested interests. With caste comes reservations and that’s the whole agenda.

Currently, the state of Andhra Pradesh is seeing a new movement in the form of Kapus demanding BC grade. Looking at this, even the Kammas have also decided to start a movement. Going by this, there will be only three forward castes in Andhra Pradesh soon.

3 Forward Castes In AP

3 Forward Castes In AP

They are the Brahmins, the Rajus and the Vysyas. A lot of hue and cry happens when those in the backward classes are subject to any issue but the same is not the case when it happens to a forward caste person. This is the irony of our system in India.

Government is providing facilities for the people who belongs to the reservations. So Kapus and Kammas also demanding to provide them BC grade so that they too will have some reservations. But there is no value for the particular degree, marks other than the caste. So the reservation should provide by the Government is the major requirement for the people of Kapus and Kammas.

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3 Forward Castes In AP
If Kapu and Kamma people also put into BC grade, then there will be 3 Forward Castes i.e, Brahmins, the Rajus and the Vysyas in Andhra Pradesh.