Delhi Girl Ordered Food From A Restaurant & What The Delivery Boy Did Next. ‘OMG’


Its weekend and we all want to chill out with our families and friends. And we might like to order food from a restaurant. That’s exactly what this girl from Delhi, Avantika, did. She skimmed through the menu on Zomato and chose to order from Bercos, Greater Kailash-1.

The food arrived within an hour of placing the order, but the delivery boy looked a little confused about the payment method being Netbanking or Cash on Delivery.

But soon the confusion was cleared. And the delivery boy apologised. Sweet, isn’t it?


Thirty minutes after all the confusion was cleared, Avantika received a message on her phone and it was the delivery boy apologising to her for the confusion.

At first, she thought that it is a nice thing that the restaurant is apologising for a trivial matter. But next what happened was just not expected.

Here’s what the delivery boy did…

The delivery boy did not stop at just one message. He kept on messaging her, asking her why her display picture wasn’t visible.

Avantika, like any other girl, got alarmed and decided to complain. She called Bercos and got in touch with the Customer Relationship Manager. But she got no reasonable response. Next what she did was, to get in touch with the company that takes care of deliveries for Bercos, SHADOWFAX. But what they said was shocking. The company was unapologetic and sad, ‘Ma’am he just asked for you picture and apologised about the confusion, what is wrong in that.’

Nothing was working out, and then Avantika did what she felt was right…Read on…

Since she did not get any serious response from anywhere. Later, in a Facebook post, she explained her ordeal, and Mr Sanjeev Bhikchandani, co-founder of Info-Edge group ( who is an investor with Zomato, replied to her.

He assured her that the issue will be resolved. And Avantika was later told that the delivery boy was fired, but there has been no apologies from the restaurant’s side.

Well, do you think Avantika did the right thing?