[2016] – Kshanam Movie Review & Rating | Kshanam Review

Kshanam Movie Review
Kshanam Movie Review

[2016] – 3.75/5, Kshanam Movie Review & Rating | Kshanam Review

Kshanam movie review 3.75/5. NRI Rishi (Adivi Sesh), When he is in India, falls in love with Shwetha (Adah Sharma). But her father rejects thier love and her father marries off her with Kartik (Satyadev). After love break with Shwetha Rishi goes back to the US. After few years Swetha call up Rishi and explains that her child was kidnapped. As Rishi loved Swetha deeply he feels that it was his responsibility to make her happy. So he will come back to India again and tries to trace out the small child. First of all he moves to the police station to register a complaint. There he meet Anasuya. She plays the cop role in the movie and helps to Rishi to trace the girl. Again the gang who kidnap the girl tries to kill Rishi for enquiring. What will Rishi do now ? How will he go about his search ? Why did she seek Rishi’s support, of all people? The film is an answer to all these questions.

Cast & Crew :

Lead Roles
  • Adivi Sesh
  • Adah Sharma
  • Anasuya Bharadwaj
  • Sathyam Rajesh
  • Sathya Dev
Director     Ravikanth Perepu
Story     Adivi Sesh
Music     Sricharan Pakala
DOP     Shaneil Deo
Editing     Arjun Shastri
  • Adivi Sesh
  • Ravikanth Perepu
Dialogue     Abburi Ravi
Produced By
  • Param V.Potluri
  • Kavin Anne
Release Date     26 Feb 2016


Performances wise Adivi Sesh, Anasuya, Adah Sharma literally steals the our hearts, Adivi Sesh shows the great variations, Right from the from the beginning Adivi Sesh shows the excellent performance especially in emotional scenes his carries the excellent screen presence. Anasuya plays the role of a cop, she puts a her charm and glamour, coming to her acting very well convincing performance mainly in climax she did a marvels  job. Adah Sharma plays the role of metal suppression character. She is also good in all her emotional scenes. And all other surprise of the film is Satyam Rajesh, he plays the role of a frustrated cop. He excels in his character and shocks you with his acting capabilities. Vennela Kishore and Ravi Varma are also quite good in their cameos. The way all the twists and turns are narrated in a racy manner is what clicks with  shown in this movie.

Off Screen Hero’s :

First we taking about the screenplay, Adivi Sesh and director Ravikanth Perepu did a wonderful job, in this movie screenplay it takes movie into next level.Coming to the director Ravikanth Perepu, this young man has impressed with his debut film. The new age director has narrated the film superbly.

  • Shaneil Deo Dop Nice
  • Sricharan Pakala Music is Good
  • PVP Production Values good


  • Adivi Sesh
  • Direction
  • Back Ground Music
  • Production Values


  • Songs

Rating : 3.75/5

User Rating : 4/5

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Kshanam Movie Review, Rating : 3.75/5

12:00 PM : The movie ends on a Happy Note.

11:55 AM : Rishi meets Riya in the end.

11:50 AM : Final conversation clears all the suspense…….

11:45 AM : A very interesting climax is running now.

11:40 AM : Movie heading towards the climax.

11:35 AM : Some interesting twists are being showcased now…..

11:30 AM : More suspense is being added to the story……

11:27 AM : Rishi and Cop Jaya are discussing about the case…..

11:27 AM : Babu Khan gets kidnapped.

11:25 AM : Investigation by Rishi, Babu Khan and Bobby is going on in a rapid pace.

11:23 AM : A huge tragedy has stuck in the story.

11:20 AM : The film enters into a serious zone.

11:16 AM : The second half has just started.

INTERVAL( Kshanam )

11:15 AM : A very interesting interval bang…….

11:12 AM : Rishi gets confused with all the issues and news which he gathers.

11:08 AM : Karthik reveals some surprising facts about Swetha and Ria.

11:05 AM : Rishi gives an ad in the newspapers to find any clues about Ria.

11:03 AM : Satyam Rajesh make an entry as Karthik.

11:00 AM : Swetha meets cop Jaya to find the improvements about the kidnap.

10:50 AM : Anchor Anasuya makes an entry as Cop Jaya Bharadwaj.

10:45 AM : The break-up issues of Rishi and Swetha are being showcased now.

10:43 AM : Once again, movie goes to flash-back mode……

10:40 AM : Ravi Varma makes an interesting entry as Bobby.

Kshnanam Movie Review, Rating

10:35 AM : Rishi starts investigating about Ria with the help of Babu Khan.

10:33 AM : Vennela Kishore makes an entry as Babu Khan Kala.

10:30 AM : Swetha requests Rishi to find her daughter Ria, who gets kidnapped.

10:27 AM : A kidnap drama is now being showcased now.

10:25 AM : “Chelia…….” montage track is going on now…….

10:23 AM : The college life and love story between Rishi and Swetha is being showcased now.

10:20 AM : The movie heads back into flashback mode

10:18 AM : Swetha calls Rishi for a special cause.

10:15 AM : Rishi (Adivi Sesh) introduced as a Software Professional in San Francisco of California.

10:13 AM : The movie shifts to USA

10:10 AM : Swetha (Adah Sharma) gets admitted in a Hospital.

10:07 AM : The film starts off showcasing a Car-Jack.

10:05 AM : The film is 120 minutes long.

Celebrities About Kshanam Movie

 Kshanam In Bollywood

Buzz is that director Ravikanth might be roped in for the Hindi version as well. While the official announcement is yet to arrive, many in tollywood say it is confirmed. If it does get remade then it would be a matter of pride for Telugu cinema which is known for its escapist cinema.

Adivi Sesh’s Kshanam In Bollywood

Even in Tollywood also many celebrities tweeted after watching Kshanam . This is a real suspense thriller which came after a long time. In the present situation there are more comedy suspense thriller movies. But Kshanam  is really different from that. So every kind of genre people are liking that. Hope soon this should to reach Bollywood soon.

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