Kamal Hassan Viswaroopam on Jayalalitha Government…


Kamal Hassan Viswaroopam on Jayalalitha

Kamal Hassan a famous actor in film industry put his viswaroopam in the form comments on Jayalalita Government for not helping the chennai flood victims.

Due to chennai floods almost all the areas in the chennai are highly affected. Kamal Hassan said that “We all are paying the taxes to the Government then why you people can’t take the safety measures to eradicate these types of floods”.

For this Jayaliltha gave the answer as “Floods are not created by me to eradicate, it’s all the Nature Disaster. Eventhough we are giving all the need things to the people”.

Kamal Hassan

“Kamal Hassan not at all helped or announced anything to the flood victims but now making comments and insulting the Government is not fair” said by party people.

They also said that people from Telugu industry put hands together and helping the people in chennai. But the people here are simply wasting time on commenting the Government.

At the time of Viswaroopam movie, Jayalalita helped him alot but there is no gratitude for the Kamal Hassan and making these fake news on Jayalalitha said by the party people and Jayalalitha.