Are Gender Surveys Genuine?


Every now and then, you see that different media houses come up with cool surveys wherein some bold statistics are furnished. They give a high percentage of ladies resorting to pre marital cool in India and indicate the percentage has risen. Another point reveals women don’t want to have cool with men who don’t like oral cool.

All this information is sure to raise eyebrows and sometimes make us rethink about the culture and essence of our society. The big question being raised by many is, where are they doing the sample survey and who are the participants.

Gender Surveys

Gender Surveys

Even a highly respected media entity such as India Today is coming up with stuff but they don’t really reveal the groundwork involved for releasing such statistics. A lot of discussions are happening on the genuineness of these surveys because it is very crazy when you read the whole feature.

Actually there is a question for everyone that they are providing the information for the purpose of having knowledge or just warning the different type of incidents. Whatever the issue there are many cool surveys are going on daily and they are not revealing the ground work laid behind this cool surveys.

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Sex Surveys
Just the viewers are expressing the doubt that the sex surveys carried out by the media is Genuine or not.